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On a stormy night a boy is taken from his home in acilain. A midevil kingdom hidden in the forest. Knocked unconcious by the shadowed man. He is carried deep into the forbidden forest mutilated amd thrown down a well. Barley alive he wakes and meets an old spirit who saves his life and intern gives gives you some of her ghostly powers. Travel the lands, unlock new powers, take on great enemies and rescue the damned souls cursed by the dark man aka the devil. 

3 out of 5 worlds and dungeons completed. Lost caverns, acilain forest, forest dungeon, great desert, ice city, ice palace. To come the fairy forest, fairy church, cursed island, finnal dungeon. There are many secret powers to descover can you find them all. Hearts, magic ups and much more! Commemt below any glitches you notice and i will fix them.

Update finished ice palace, fixed pause menu

Update 2 changed main menu, fixed lighting issues, third boss reachable

Update 3 finishe boss 3 first part, added something to the intro to male it a bit more exciting, new title screen, changed all enemies to diffrent spirits makes more sence that way, Fixed continue half way dont quit unless you save somewhere with out the lights being active.

Update 4 boss 3 now beatable simple version, ice power now obtainable, fairy forest 1 and 3 now explorable, made magic regen faster with each upgrade,press 9 to skip to fairy forest with all upgrades if you want to check it out.

Install instructions

just download the file then use the installer.


tales of acilain.exe 64 MB

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